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Four ways remedial massage can help your postpartum recovery

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While pregnancy massage is a popular treatment that helps to relax an expecting mum, postpartum massage is often neglected as a necessary part of the recovery process. If you're a new mum, check out these four ways that remedial massage can help your postpartum recovery.

Improve emotional recovery

The changes to your body and life itself after you give birth can lead to emotional exhaustion and upheaval that can be difficult to manage. Whether you suffer a short bout of baby blues following childbirth, or experience longer-term postnatal depression, massage can help to relieve symptoms and aid emotional recovery. Your mood is naturally elevated through massage, as the body releases endorphins that make you feel good, less stressed and relaxed.

Heal postpartum back pain

Childbirth can wreak havoc on your lower back and hips, leaving your muscles tight, pelvis misaligned, joints separated and posture unbalanced. If you had an epidural during childbirth, you may feel discomfort in your lower back for some time postpartum. You may also experience pain in your shoulders and upper back as a consequence of carrying your newborn or breastfeeding. Remedial massage can help to relieve back pain, stiffness and soreness, and a skilled massage therapist can re-establish pelvic and spinal alignment.

Improve sleep

Sleep disruptions are just part of parenting, however the first few months can be particularly draining on a new mum. If you are feeling fatigued and weak as a result of sleepless nights, hormonal changes and the demands of your newborn, remedial massage can help. Work with your experienced remedial massage therapist to fight fatigue and improve your sleep quality. This way, even though you're waking up throughout the night to feed, you will snatch some good quality sleep to keep you going.

Assist breastfeeding

As breastfeeding can be both challenging and rewarding, it's important to support your lactation in the early stages. Remedial massage will not only help you to relax, but it will increase your circulation which will in turn help improve your milk production. If you suffer from breast pain or discomfort ask your massage therapist if they offer breast massage, as they may be able to release blocked milk ducts and relieve ongoing mastitis. If you'd prefer self-massage, ask for some tips on how you can relieve pain when your breasts are engorged.

To discuss the benefits of remedial massage for postpartum recovery, contact your local professional remedial massage therapist for expert advice.