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Four ways remedial massage can help your postpartum recovery

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While pregnancy massage is a popular treatment that helps to relax an expecting mum, postpartum massage is often neglected as a necessary part of the recovery process. If you’re a new mum, check out these four ways that remedial massage can help your postpartum recovery. Improve emotional recovery The changes to your body and life itself after you give birth can lead to emotional exhaustion and upheaval that can be difficult to manage. Read More»

Could you Transform Your Life With a Gratefulness Diary?

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In recent years, there seems to have been a shift away from thinking about health as something purely physical, to something that also encompasses our emotional and mental wellness. This is fantastic, but it can be confusing to know which wellness practices are the best for your overall health, whether they be Vipassana meditation, reiki, or something completely different. The problem with many such practices is that it can be hard to figure out how they’d fit into your life. Read More»

Lacing Up: Techniques Your Mummy Didn't Teach You

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Your shoe laces could be the hidden culprit behind the aches and pains you suffer during and after exercise. If you have already checked that your shoes and socks are in order, turn your attention to those innocent-looking laces. Choosing the right laces and tying them correctly will help you to avoid damage to vulnerable areas such as your knees and back by enhancing the support provided by your shoes. Style Over Substance Read More»